About Carter Reich

Carter Reich likes working for the underdog. If law is said to be about the search for justice on a grand scale, on the ground, it is often about the nuts and bolts, filing documents on time, and obtaining witness and party depositions.

Experienced Commercial Litigator

Carter understands this, but he also knows that law is also all about relationships. He began his firm, Carter Reich, PC, to ensure that his relationship to his clients remains central. Between the parties, their business and others within the business. He builds relationships that benefit his clients, helping their businesses succeed and overcome the difficulties that often appear.

Every Relationship An Attorney-Client Relationship

I have worked for larger law firms. What I like best was the relationships I developed with individual clients. I formed Carter Reich, PC, to ensure that I could preserve and maximize those relationships without the extra overhead of larger firm. I work with each of my clients one-on-one.

When you want to know something about your matter, you can speak with me directly; you don't need to go through a legal assistant or a junior associate. At some firms, that junior associate may be the attorney who is really doing the work, while a senior lawyer merely supervises their work.

Holistic Representation

I'm transparent with my clients. I know everything that is going on with their representation because I am doing everything. And this gives me the holistic perspective to provide the strongest possible counsel, advice or representation for their matter.

If you want truly personalized service for your legal issues, whether ongoing litigation or due diligence and counsel regarding a future transaction or deal, I provide the highest level of integrity, discretion, personal treatment with my representation. From the nuanced world of fine art law to the rough and tumble of commercial litigation, my goal is to exceed your expectations.

To Get In Touch With Me

I work as a solo attorney to ensure my clients receive the very best in legal service. To find out how I can help with your business and your legal issues, call my New York City office at 917-615-0978.