Personal Representation

One of the unique aspects of my firm, Carter Reich, PC, is that I work selectively with principals and owners, representing them as individuals with a broad range of personal legal matters.

Truly Personalized Service

Because I provide very personal service for my business clients, it can be advantageous for these individuals to have me represent them in a private capacity. For many of my clients, I work as their outside general counsel, and in that role, with my knowledge of many of the aspects of a business, I can offer uniquely tailored advice and counsel for private matters.

I can review documents, advise on potential risks and provide experienced litigation counsel, including appellate work when necessary. And because I have a holistic perspective on your situation, I can help you when you need a lawyer for matters that are outside the range of my commercial representation.

Proactive Advice And Counsel

I'm a skilled litigator, which is why I strive be a trusted advisor and to protect my clients from litigation. I know exactly how expensive, how time consuming, how intrusive and how stressful litigation can be.

You Do Not Want To Be Deposed

Talk to anyone who has sat through all-day depositions or been cross-examined on a witness stand. Do you want to spend a year or two or five or even 10 with a matter dragging behind you? Most cases settle, but that doesn't mean they won't waste vast resources getting to the point. I understand this and can help you understand how to prevent much of it.

I Can Help Put Your Premonitions Into Context

Have you ever had a bad feeling about a deal, transaction or person? I can help you identify what that something might be by examining the circumstances and performing the due diligence to develop the concrete facts that will shore up your vague notional, discomfort.

Contact Me

I operate as a solo attorney because I like to work directly with my clients. I am your attorney, your representative in court, your agent in negotiations. To find out how I provide personal representation for business clients, call my New York City office at 917-615-0978.